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Sean Marc Lee: CHI SEEN | @K&K Gallery

By Jenn Wong in art, events

pleased to announce that my friend Sean Marc Lee is having his first solo show! you might remember him recently being featured on neocha’s Creative Edge, so if you’re in brooklyn and want to check out the show, here’s a snippet of the show blurb written by Yew Leong Lee:

Sean Marc Lee / ???: Chi Seen!

Sean Marc Lee’s anagram name is LASER MENACE, which wouldn’t you say is super apropos for a photographer. I once put my name through an anagram generator and it spat out WELL EYE GONE and just before I was due for LASIK correction too! Fortunately, fate isn’t always written in one’s name and this writer still has two well eyes to ogle at the gorgeous collection on display starting from 3 Dec 2010, at K&K gallery.

Lee’s solo exhibition, comprised of 130 photographs, is called CHI SEEN, and when I first saw the title, I wondered if Lee, being Chinese (get it? CHI SEEN=CHINESE), was making a point about one of the many minority races in America that are increasingly less so, but still being invisibilized. Perhaps, I thought, Lee is using photography as a tool to raise the status of the Chinese in America. Also, might CHI not in fact allude to the invisible life force believed by the Chinese to literally animate us, and might CHI SEEN, then, not refer to captured manifestations of a Chinese way of seeing, or even its opposite: of being seen?

As for the mystery of the show’s title, I soon received my answer in an Email the next day. “Chi Seen is in Cantonese which is what I speak.” (This writer, being of a different dialect group than the photographer, does not understand Cantonese.) “If one were to translate it literally “Chi” means sticky, and “Seen” means string, but it’s a slang term used to connote one’s mind as being all wound up/sticky like string. However, it’s used as a slang of a slang of the original meaning, kind of like an interjection when someone tells you something and you are more or less saying “whaaat?” or “ridiculous” although it’s not necessarily negative! I know, language is confusing!”

Opening December 3, 7-10pm through December 26

Hours: Fri-Sun 1-7
109 Broadway. Brooklyn, NY
(JMZ to Marcy Ave. or L to Bedford)

EDIT: peep the shoutout from >booooooom!!!!!!!

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  1. Love the newest look. I enjoyed the content. Thanks for the excellent writing.

  2. emilie says:

    the guy laying on the bowling is my friend!

  3. This info are worthwhile. thanks a lot.

  4. emilie! hah! yeah! it was when i came out last october!

  5. Jenn Wong says:

    soooo jealous that you guys got to hang out! sean, i might be in tokyo this week and i am gonna recreate that photo!!!!

  6. Terence says:

    Chi Seen means “Crazy” – the sticky lines is the right translation, but it definitely means crazy in a negative way.

  7. Terence: sure, yes it does mean crazy, but in the context that my family uses it, it’s not meant to be negative per se… more like a “what the fuck! you so craaazyyyy!” at least, that is how we use it. ;)


  8. Jacinto Aloy says:

    It was a magnificent. and informative, educational, instructive read! Amazingwork by the writer! Thanks a million. for taking the time to share this with us!

  9. Terence says:

    Maybe its because I mainly heard it from a string of HK girlfriends that I have a very strong sense of it being negative. . .

  10. I guess I shalllook for more advicesabout it.

  11. yeah, it really depends on the context… and how one says it. like anything. my friends/family and i all say chiseen to each other quite often.

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