January 25, 2010 8


By Jenn Wong in events, photography, shanghai

SUPER AWESOME BEST FUN SHOW!!! had such a great time on friday at the Maybe Mars label showcase, with PK14 + 24HRS + RUSTIC + OURSELVES BESIDES ME. the venue was packed (hey mao, love you guys but your bar service is abysmal), energy was high, friends a plenty were in attendance, bands killed it, one of the best shanghai nights in recent memory and looking forward to more. yay!



  1. JohnG says:

    Yeah the bar service was shit. My friend noticed a bartender talking on his phone and ignoring customers. They also only had Budweiser left (aka beer-flavoured water) by the time PK14 came on.

    Great show though.

  2. Jenn Wong says:

    thanks! were you there? shoulda said hi! found the bar service to be pretty terrible, but they were totally understaffed and scrambling (3 hapless bartenders and a shit ton of thirsty, impatient people). also, have no idea why they can’t manage to ever buy enough, have heard loads of people say that mao ends up short at the bar every time they’ve been there. must be a management thing, the beijing branch of mao is excellent.

  3. Baron Burns says:

    Come with deep pockets and stock up on the cheap beers next door. Good show indeed. Woke up with teeth marks on my shoulder though.

  4. Andy Best says:

    Brad mentioned that the bar was out of everything cheap and desirable by an hour in or so.

    Also, I swear that the guy behind the sound desk and the guy teching on stage were two members of Little Nature. I guess Soma have the place run by interns basically.

  5. Terence says:

    You guys don’t buy at the Mini Mart next door? I do.

    (Ok it’s unfair to Mao, however, if they want to remain in business as a venue, they need to figure it out. I only drink soda anyways, so it’s not like the bar is losing my business)

  6. Jenn Wong says:

    their drink prices are totally reasonable, so i have no problems buying at the bar, and besides that, i’m not really into having to lug about cans of beer/bottles of bacardi breezers (shutup, i love bacardi breezers so what). agree though, they need to up their bar service game!

  7. JohnG says:

    Yeah Jenn I was. Will be hitting up the BCR show at YYT this weekend. Look for me there – wool knit Ben Sherman cap and black Ted Baker framed glasses.

  8. wongton says:

    won’t be at boys climbing ropes, saturday is BADTASTIC!! come by after the show, @Not Me on dongping lu.

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